• Sep 9

    connections state side

    As part of our commitment to offer the best consultancy, I (Jordan Leeming, Scholarship Director) will be flying out to the United States on Sunday morning from East Midlands airport, England. I have arranged to meet with many sports coaches creating new and strong connections whilst staying in the U.S and I plan on seeing plenty of sporting events both professional and collegiate.

    I strongly believe in making connections more personally, and as fantastic as the internet is, whether it be facetime, skype or emails, nothing can beat meeting someone face to face, swopping stories and making friendships. This is what puts Support Sports Management above all your other consultancy companies, its personal and it is about the individual.

     I look forward to Blogging about my trip.

    Jordan Leeming
    Scholarship Director
    Support Sports Managment


    Posted By Administrator on Sep 9, 2015 at 12:39 PM

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